3 Pillars

Future Vision 3 Pillars
Future Vision 3 Pillars

Our Business

■Consulting of Sustainable Management

Consulting of Sustainable Management
Building a sustainable management system
  • Integration and internal dissemination of management philosophy with sustainability.
  • Identification of material aspects.
  • Formulation of sustainability policies.
  • Establishment of human rights policies.
  • Development of procurement policies.
Promoting carbon neutrality
  • Support for calculating Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.
  • Disclosure of information according to TCFD recommendations, including scenario analysis.
  • Responses to CDP questionnaires.
  • Applications to SBTi.
Disclosure of sustainability information
  • Disclosure of sustainability information in accordance with IFRS S1/S2.
  • Creation of Corporate Governance Codes.
  • Scenario analysis and strategy formulation in line with TCFD recommendations.
  • Responses to CDP questionnaires.
  • Preparation of securities reports and integrated reports.


External Branding
  • Corporate branding and product branding.
  • Support for marketing strategy promotion./li>
  • Introductory branding seminars.
Internal Branding
  • Understanding and permeation of the company’s own brand, including vision and values.
  • Brand Engagement Diagnosis.
Brand Engagement Diagnosis:
Measures the organization’s brand engagement quantitatively along two axes: “brand penetration” and “engagement” among employees. By measuring results before and after promoting internal branding, changes in employee attitudes can be visualized, and the effects of internal branding can be objectively measured.
“Diagnostic Result Image” [Note: Costs are incurred for using this diagnosis.]

■Creation of New Business

  • Creation of businesses that solve social issues using the company’s core technologies.
  • Business creation based on human-centered design through universal design.

■Related Lectures, Seminars, and Training Sessions

Company overview

Company Name Future Vision Inc.
3-51-10, Sendagaya, Shibuya, 151-0051 Tokyo
Phone Number 070-3871-9546
Email info@design-futurevision.com
Bank MUFG Bank, Harajuku Branch
Membership Organizations Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ethical Association
Circular Partners (A public-private-academic partnership on circular economy under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Corporate Alliances “Declaration of Partnership Construction”