Future Vision Inc.
CEO / Strategy Designer
OKITA Kazunori
Expert in sustainable management and sustainability branding. Promotes and supports the development of business models aimed at achieving medium to long-term visions for sustainability transformation. Has extensive achievements in aligning with frameworks such as TCFD and TNFD for sustainable management, and in disclosing financial and non-financial information to multiple stakeholders. Also conducts sustainability branding (formulation of business visions, internal branding, external branding) based on these business activities, and supports their implementation (website creation, media development, etc.).”

Academic Background

■Doshisha University, Faculty of Letters, Social Studies, Department of Industrial Relations (1989)
■Kyoto University of the Arts, Graduate School of Arts, Interdisciplinary Design Studies Field (2024) / Master of Fine Arts

■Aoyama Gakuin University, School of Social Informatics, Workshop Design Development (2023)

Work Experience

■YKK Corporation (1989-2021)
・Product Planning Department, General Manager / YKK MAROC Sarl, Managing Director
・Working in Japan 16years: Osaka, Tokyo, Toyama
・Working Abroad 15 years: France(Paris, Lille), Spain(Barcelona), Morocco(Casablanca)

■National University Corporation, Tokushima University, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Parttime Teacher(2019-2020)

Work History

■Management :Business Administration, Global Business Strategy
■Product Strategy :Product Planning, IP Strategy, Sales Promotion
■Communication :Branding, Marketing
■Sales :Overseas Sales, New Market Development


■Good Design Award BEST100 (2019, 2020)
■Design Intelligence Award “Honorable Mention” (2020)
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■CMI Approved Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner
■GRI Certified GRI Standards 2021 Update Training Course Completion
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■GRI Certified Human Rights with GRI Standards 2021 Update Training Course Completion
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■GRI Professional Certification Program, Integrating the SDGs into Sustainability Reporting Course Completion
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■Government Certification 3rd Grade Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management
■Association for the Certification of Brand Managers Japan Certified Trainer and Consultant
■Cabinet Office Certification NPO JITSUKEN Certified 2nd Grade Certified Universal Design Coordinator.
■Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française DELF B1
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■Aichi Gakuin University, Faculty of Management, Management Engineering Guest Lecturer (2021-)
■National University Corporation, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education, Creation of New Industries Guest Lecturer (2021)
■National University Corporation, Tokushima University, cultural and education subjects “ICT and Innovation” (2021)
■Aichi Gakuin University, Business Administration Research Institute, Keynote Speech, “What is the purpose of corporate sustainability management?” (2022)


■Calculation of Green House Gases “Scope 1”, the pitfall of CFCs. ( Alterna WEB site, 2023)
■Consistency in Management, Human Resources and Strategy. (Alterna Vol.75, 2023)

■Official Textbook of Sustainability Management Certification, Second Grade. (2023, 2024)


■Japan Industrial Design Association
■Japan Society for the Science of Design
■Japan Marketing Academy
■Doshisha University, Value Research Center
■Alterna Research Institute, Fellow